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Mehria Group Industries Presentation


Mehria Group Of Industries

The Presentation relates to the “Mehria  Group Of Industries Since 1967 . Mehria Group Of Industries Manufacturing and
export Medical, Dental, Beauty, Instruments Leather product fashion  product 100% Hand made art Now Mehria Group is popular Brand many countries
under Mehria Group It is our earnest desire to make excellent quality and maintain the lower price to beat the
challenge of tomorrows . The Maria’s superior Quality is its Identity . In other words “Mehria Group Of Industries” is the second name of Quality . The changes in designs also make for better performance. Our mission is to make the unique quality which will take the “Mehria Group Of Industries” over the climax of quality . Certificate , ISO 9001-20023 , ISO 13485- 2023 , CE Mark

Dental instruments are categorized based on their functions and uses in dentistry. Here are some common categories of dental instruments: Diagnostic Instruments:

  • Mouth mirror: Used for indirect vision and to reflect light into the oral cavity.
  • Explorer: To detect caries or other dental problems by tactile examination.
  • Periodontal probe: Measures the depth of periodontal pockets and assesses gingival health.

Operative Instruments:

  • Dental handpieces: High-speed and low-speed handpieces for cutting and polishing dental materials.
  • Excavators: Remove decayed tooth structure.
  • Dental burs: Rotary cutting instruments used with handpieces for cutting tooth structure.

Restorative Instruments:

  • Amalgam and composite placement instruments: Used to place and condense restorative materials.
  • Burnishers and carvers: Shape and finish restorations.
  • Matrix bands and retainers: Assist in creating a temporary wall for the placement of restorative materials.

Endodontic Instruments:

  • Files and reamers: Used in root canal therapy to clean and shape the root canals.
  • Gutta-percha points: Used to fill and seal the cleaned root canals.
  • Apex locator: Determines the length of the root canal.

Periodontal Instruments:

  • Scalers and curettes: Remove calculus and plaque from the tooth surface and root surfaces.
  • Periodontal knives: Used in periodontal surgery.
  • Gingival retraction instruments: Aid in creating space for impression materials.

Orthodontic Instruments:

  • Pliers: Used for bending and adjusting orthodontic wires.
  • Band pushers and seaters: Assist in placing and positioning orthodontic bands.
  • Ligature cutters: Cut ligature wires in orthodontic procedures.

Surgical Instruments:

  • Surgical handpieces: Used for cutting and shaping bone during oral surgery.
  • Forceps: Grasp and remove teeth or other tissues.
  • Elevators: Lift and loosen teeth or tissues before extraction

Radiographic Instruments:

  • X-ray machines and sensors: Used to capture dental radiographs for diagnostic purposes.
  • Film holders and positioning devices: Assist in obtaining accurate and clear radiographic images.

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